Photo Projects

(on location individual/group photo shoots at the most popular training spots)

Upcoming Photo Projects will be listed here.

Clermont, Clay loop | 9.13 @ 9:00 am

Clermont, Clay loop | 9.20 @ 9:00am

9/25/20-6:00 PM | Matthews/Winters Park Trailhead-Golden, CO.

9/26/20-7:00 AM | Mount Falcon East Trailhead-Morrison, CO.

9/27/20-7:00 AM | Monarch Lake Trailhead-Grandy, CO.

9/27/20-6:00 PM | Chautauqua Trailhead-Boulder, CO.

To sign up, fill out the contact form on this page

and we'll send a link for payment.

Cost: $20

You'll receive multiple photos of you for a snapshot of your training time.

(typically 10-20 photos per athlete)

All images will be edited and delivered digitally with the print rights.

Pick which project you would like to participate in

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